Thursday, October 15, 2009

Now here's a good deal (and my pre-birthday) at Dino!

Previously, I talked about how Restaurant Week may not be worth it. Well how about Restaurant Week every week (Sunday through Thursday)? Dino's does that. Three courses, $35 (app, main, dessert with an after dinner drinky poo). But the best part is that most of the menu is open to the promotion. They even have a Menu de la Serra which is $25 for three courses (but the main is a pasta and no after dinner drinktastic). To quote G, "Dino is high on the price-value curve." In EnRish that means, you get a lot for your munny.

G loves it for the FREE corkage (Tuesdays through Thursdays). You just can't beat this deal, especially since the food is quite good! It's just the way I like it for a casual eatery: straight forward, mindful preparation (without fussiness), and nice ingredients!

Last night we went for a little pre-birthday celebration dinner.

So simple and delicious: Grilled romaine topped with lemon and anchovy dressing.

Boar pate and other charcuterie goodness. I think I tasted a bit of anise!

This pickled sweet ginger was TO DIE FOR.

Your basic clam and mussel linguine. Extra garlicky; extra good and lusty.

We brought this Spanish wine.

Hey Ricotta is NOT just for lasagna! This parfait was made of very sweet fresh cream ricotta with grapes! And I even got a little candle (thankfully, there was no singing -- Olive Garden 'tis not).

Even boring and basic tiramisu was well-executed! Yum!
I'm heading to locales unknown this afternoon for a surprise birthday weekend! Can't wait to see what food awaits me there!

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