Saturday, October 10, 2009

Event Food: Corcoran Opening of Burtynsky

It's always interesting to see what food is served at cultural events. The other week we went to the opening party for Edward Burtynsky's 'Oil' photography exhibit.

The Corcoran Gallery
Burtynsky talking about his work

Steak fries with feta


Grilled cheese fingers(?)

Beef skewers

Polish sausage chunks

Salmon skewers

Free food (even bad free food) gets people all riled up. We stopped eating after a few bites when we witnessed one of the old ladies in this image cough all over the grilled cheese.

Something weird: No plates. It was tough to eat the fries or get more than a couple things. Come to think of it, that was probably by design. Smart?

One of the amazing large-scale photographs in this interesting meditation on the process of bringing oil to consumers.

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